Maria Grazia Facciola


Just A Small Affair, is a showcase of the intimate life's celebrations that Maria Grazia Facciola has been hired to photograph.  For example, she started receiving requests from brides who desired "just a small wedding celebration", and she soon discovered the emphasis that was given to the concept "less is more". Various were the reasons for having a smaller celebration, however  she soon found a common thread:  the poetry and romanticism contained in such intimate affairs, and immediately realized how much she was enjoying the experience as a photographer.   If you or your friends are planning "just a small affair", don't hesitate to call her to find out if she's your perfect match as a photographer. 

Maria Grazia Facciola : The moments in which Maria Grazia experiences the most profound joy are when her photography touches people -- when, in addition to capturing their likeness, it captures their energy.  When her subjects see their inner selves in her photographs, it is a defining moment of bliss for her. “A glimpse into one’s inner beauty translated through a photograph is like magic that can be touched.” 

“'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”  – John Keats

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